Missouri School for the Deaf provides well-rounded educational opportunities. Students are prepared for the world of work and for higher education according to each individual's potential and preferences. MSD provides separate academic programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students in three main buildings on campus. Programs embrace a multicultural, language-rich environment that emphasizes fully accessible communication through American Sign Language.

MSD's programs include:

  • Accredited K-12 academics
  • Comprehensive vocational training
  • Audiology and speech-language services
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Full-scale extracurricular activities
  • Preschool services for neighboring school districts
  • Compliance with State and Federal special education laws
  • ADA accessible campus


How are children enrolled?

First, you need to contact your local school superintendent and/or special education director to inform them you have a deaf, or hard-of-hearing child, and are interested in considering placement at MSD. The local school district personnel will discuss a variety of options with you. Before making a final decision, you should make arrangements to visit MSD, have your child evaluated, and observe the program.

What does it cost?

MSD is a state-supported school and, like the local public school, is tuition-free. There is no charge for board, room, laundry, books, or basic on-campus medical care, and local school districts are not billed for these services. MSD reimburses parents for certain transportation expenses. Parents are responsiblie for clothing, personal hygiene items, major/chronic medical expenses, spending money, certain school supplies, and miscellaneous items.

What clothing and supplies do I need to send with my child?

The school will provide parents with a clothing guide list. This list is merely a guide. You should send a sufficient supply of clothing to last a week - about the same as when you go on a vacation. Items of clothing can be added and/or deleted as necessary. Your child will return home for weekend visits frequently, and clothing and other items can be sent to MSD at that time. Regular laundry service is available for younger students. Older students are assisted in learning to do their own laundry.

How often do children go home?

The only restrictions on a child going home are those created by distance and the availability of transportation. MSD students who live in Fulton or nearby towns may come to school and return home on a daily basis. For students who live further away, the school provides transportation between school and designated drop off points most weekends during the school year. These weekends are listed on the school calendar.

Does school last 12 months?

No. The school term beings mid August, and ends in late May. Classes are held 174 days per school term. MSD provides an Extended School Year (ESY) program midsummer for students who qualify based on their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Where will my child stay, and who takes care of children after school?

MSD has a residential life program. Comfortable living quarters and nourishing meals are provided for students. Younger students live in cottages to provide a homelike environment, while older students live in dormitories to promote their developing independence. The cottages and dormitories are supervised 24 hours a day by residential advisors. Living quarters and dining facilities are separated from the academic and vocational buildings.

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