Campus Life

Student Life program goals include providing students the opportunity to assume leadership roles, develop their collaborative abilities and strengthen their social skills. Students have access to a broad range of after-school programs and activities, many of which are open to all MSD students. Tailored to the individual’s needs and interests, MSD’s after school programs effectively support the social and emotional development of each student.

Student Life Staff

Ron Danuser
Residential Life Administrator
(573) 592-2528 (Voice)
(573) 826-4555 (VP)

Nancy Baker
Dormitory Director
(573) 826-4624 (VP)

Debbie Montez
Dormitory Director
(573) 592-2530 (Voice)
(573) 826-4618 (VP)

Jonathan Kraus
Overnight Dormitory Director
(573) 592-2530 (Voice)
(573) 826-4618 (VP)

Lachana Wilcox
Assistant Dormitory Director for Tate & Kerr
(573) 826-4599 (VP)

Trish DeBrodie
Assistant Dormitory Director for Cottages
(573) 592-2580 (Voice)

Jonathan Kraus
Overnight Assistant Dormitory Director
(573) 826-4563 (VP)

Denna Wolfe
Assistant Dormitory Director (Activities)
(573) 826-4558 (VP)