Outreach & Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center on Deafness at MSD, Missouri's official source of programs, services, information, and resources supporting the educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of programs and services to Missouri’s deaf and hard of hearing children, their parents, and their schools from birth until high school graduation in order to maximize their educational achievement and psychosocial development. Use the sidebar to the right to learn more about what we offer.

Outreach & Resource Center Staff

Allison Thorbergson
Home/School Coordinator
(573) 826-4628 (VP)

John Weggenmann
Home/School Coordinator
(573) 826-4607 (VP)

Jennifer White-Jackson
Home/School Coordinator
(573) 826-4588 (VP)

Claire Mengwasser
Speech Language Pathologist
(573) 592-2571

Jeaneal Alexander
Outreach Services Administrator
(573) 592-2541

Rebecca Torres
Outreach Secretary
(573) 826-4627 (VP)
(573) 592-2543 (Voice)

Peggy Belt
Communication Coordinator
(573) 592-2508
(573 )826-4781 (VP)

Sharon Egbert
School Support Associate (ASL Specialist)
(573) 826-4556 (VP)

Norlian Vickers
School  Interpreter
(573) 592-2546

Nancy Wood
School Support Associate (Deaf Education Consultant)
(573) 592-2563

Health Center - Nurse on Duty
(573) 592-2547

Amy Fleming
(573) 592-2592

Marlo Newman
Audiologist Aide
(573) 592-2592

Angela Turner
Families First Program Officer
(573) 592-2572
(573) 826-4462 (VP)