The Resource Center provides free ASL classes. Classes are open to any Missouri resident, but families of deaf or hard of hearing children and teachers with deaf or hard of hearing students receive first priority. Professionals serving or desiring to serve deaf clients receive second priority. Others are welcome to attend as space permits.

ASLClasses at MSD

Due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19 and protecting the safety of our students and staff, MSD has not resumed in-person ASL classes. We have a beginner Zoom class starting soon. Contact our Communication Coordinator at 573-592-2508 or by email for more information.

No courses scheduled at this time

Online ASL Courses

​If you are interested in learning sign language, the Resource Center staff strongly encourage you to take a class in person because there is no substitute for live instruction from a native signer. However, we recognize that not everyone can attend classes.

ASL Resources