Nancy Wood, the Resource Center's deaf education consultant, leads a multidisciplinary team providing free consultations, in-service trainings, and other support services to local school districts serving deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool through high school. School districts may email or call the Resource Center at 573-592-2543 to request assistance.

Formal Consultations

The Resource Center team provides consultations at the request of local school districts to address educational issues and IEP planning for individual students. While consultations are often requested to address specific problem areas, school districts are also encouraged to request consultations to assist in maximizing the achievement potential of any student with a hearing loss. Parents who would like consultation provided for their child should ask the child's school to contact the Resource Center and request assistance.

 A formal consultation typically involves a school visit with in-class observations by a team of two to four consultants, a verbal feedback session with educators, and a written report. Parents may also meet with the consultants and participate in the feedback session at the discretion of the school. Depending on the school's needs, consultation areas may include IEP's, education environment and process, audiology and assistive technology, speech and language development, adaptive behavior, and mental health.

The Resource Center also offers program-level consultations for school districts with specialized deaf and hard of hearing education programs. Please contact the Resource Center for further information.

In-Service Training

Mrs. Wood and the Resource Center team are available to provide in-service training to your school district or organization. Presentation topics are customized based on your needs. Please contact the Resource Center for further information.

Other Services

In addition to the above services, the Resource Center team offers IEP reviews, informal phone consultations, literature, and information on outside resources that may be of assistance. Please contact the Resource Center for further information.