The Resource Center provides aid selection counseling and aid loans students and leases FM systems schools. Contact the Resource Center or call 573-592-2592 information.

Assistive Technology Forms


The Resource Center provides technical the FM systems we lease to districts and general information on aid troubleshooting.

Aid Bank

The Resource Center provides free aid loans to at cannot afford to purchase them or while a child's aids are being repaired. aids are donated by community organizations. Our audiologist fits and programs the aids each student.

Those wish to purchase aids, our Audiologist is available to assist selection and provide fitting and programming free of charge.

FM System Leases

The Resource Center leases several types of FM systems to local districts that it impractical to purchase them. Options include personal FM systems, ear-level aid FM systems, and individual or group soundfield FM systems. Our audiologist the to determine the best system the individual student and classroom.

Systems are leased the and be returned at the end of the term servicing.

Our audiologist assists districts selecting and purchase FM systems a purchase may be effective a lease.