When was MSD founded? 

MSD opened in 1851 and has been in continual operation since with the exception of two years during the civil war in which Union troops occupied the campus.


Does the Missouri School for the Deaf provide tours to the community and other schools?

The Missouri School for the Deaf provides scheduled tours of the campus through the Outreach Department. If you or your organization, school, college, or other groups would be interested in a tour, please contact MSD’s Outreach Department at 573-592-2543.


What are the school colors and the mascot?

The school colors are green and yellow and the mascot is an Eagle. 

What is a ‘Language Rich Environment’ and why is it important?

Language development is contingent upon consistent, frequent and accessible communication. At the Missouri School for the Deaf we place open communication as a top priority for our students. By language rich environment we mean students are exposed to language, both signed and spoken, constantly. Through this practice students develop language at a much quicker rate. Additionally, the students gain the freedom of using direct communication with peers, teachers, staff, and administration. Children learn much of their knowledge outside of the classroom. By being in a language rich environment like MSD, students are exposed to endless amounts of incidental information, and thus incidental learning, similar to that of a hearing child who is exposed to conversations between family members, friends, and others wherever they may be.


How much does it cost to send my child to MSD?

There is no cost to parents for their child to attend the Missouri School for the Deaf. 


What do the students do after the school day ends?

During the after-school hours, the Student Life department focus on providing our students with an enriching environment which exposes them to a variety of activities. Along with sports practices, studying and scheduled activities every evening, our students maintain a relaxed, albeit busy schedule after the school day ends. MSD has both day and residential students.


What kinds of activities are offered in the evening?

MSD has evening activities each night for the elementary, middle school, and high school. Examples of just a few of the opportunities the students have are cooking, robotics, year-round swimming, rock climbing (both indoor and outdoor), remote control car club, a dedicated art room, sewing, mountain and trail bike riding, movie nights, all school parties, off campus trips to the mall, bowling, museums, and local events. 


How and how often do students go home?

Students travel home almost every weekend with extended breaks for holidays and the occasional three-day weekend due to teacher workshop days. A typical year will have between 4 and 6 ‘stay weekends’ when the students stay on campus. These weekends usually revolve around MSD sporting home games. These stay weekends also allow for off campus activities not typical during the week.


How does transportation on weekends occur?

On home going weekends students depart campus by 1:30 p.m. on charter busses. These busses have dormitory staff as chaperones, which transport the students to various drop-off points close to their homes. While we do attempt to arrange sites close to hometowns, this is not always possible. For those who live far away from an established drop-off/pick-up site, we reimburse parents for their mileage to and from the site.  


Can outside groups or  organizations use the property of the Missouri School for the Deaf for activities and events?

As a State of Missouri facility, the requests for use of state property must be approved by the Facility Manager, Office of Administration (OA). The administration/employees at the Missouri School for the Deaf do not approve the use of state facilities. A facilities use request form may be obtained by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at 573-592-2504 (V) or emailing msdcommunications@msd.dese.mo.gov.


Does MSD allow volunteers, internships or practicums?

We do, if you are interested in volunteering or completing an internship/practicum  at MSD, you must complete the Volunteer/Internship/Practicum Application and take FERPA training outlined on the application. Approved applicants  will be subject to a background check. If you have questions please contact Peggy Belt  by email or phone at 573-592-2508. 

Application and Training Certificate may be sent by mail, MSD Attn: Peggy Belt - 505 E. 5th Street - Fulton, MO 65251, by  fax at (573) 592-2570, or email Peggy Belt